Sunday, November 27, 2011


On November 9th my great-grandmother passed away. It's been sad lately for our family, but she had such a long, full life and we are so thankful she is resting in peace with our Lord :) She was an amazing woman and I have so many fond memories of visiting her in East Texas. She had so many neat books, photos and collectables throughout her home and we've had fun looking through things and reflecting on the memories.

One thing she had that I always loved was an antique cuckoo clock from Germany. I don't know when she got it or the story behind it, but I want to ask my grandma soon! When my grandma started asking us if we wanted some of her things, I knew I wanted that cuckoo clock. It needs a new battery, but other than that it's in great condition. I can't wait to hang it in my home- I already love the nostalgic feel it brings with it. I know every time I see it, or hear it (I love when the bird comes out and "cuckoos") I'll think of her. Since I've become kind of enamored with this clock, it got me looking and so many other neat cuckoo clocks there are out there. I especially want to get one for my daughter's room. :)

The one I've inherited is very similar to this one below

I even have a silver charm (somewhere) where the bird really moves :)

love the cuckoos :)

^this would be a dream clock for my daughter's room! Unfortunately, they only made a limited number, in 2006, and even if I could find one for sale, I wouldn't pay the $400+ it's worth. sigh..

Flower & Bird Cuckoo Clocks
cuckoo clock

Mignon Cucu Clock: Eggplant
Cuckoo clocks
World largest cuckoo clock
^world's largest cuckoo clock, in Germany!

Image 1

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