Thursday, March 17, 2011

kiss me, I'm Irish

I am, actually. ;) I love St. Patrick's day! So does my wife-for-life, Elise. We'll have our fair shares of green beers tonight with our hubs'. (Yup, that's plural. Pronounced "hub-zez." Duh.) I digress.. along with the rest of blog-land, here is some green inspriation for your bhaile. (that's "home" in Gaelic. I know, I'm on a roll!)

No. 1  Etsy
No. 2  Anthropologie
No. 3  Abc Home

No. 1  Uttermost
No. 2  Z Gallerie
No. 3  Anthropologie
No. 4  RSH

No. 1  Lamps Plus
No. 2  Olli & Lime
No. 3  Posh Living

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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